In Hoi An, due the town being touristic one will find countless amounts of bars to have an afternoon drink or at night; bars range from backpackers, mid-range and chic.

Here, you will find out on all the places not to miss out whether you feel too hot or too cold but mostly how to avoid the tourist traps. For coffee, where Lavazza coffee will not disappoint, venues advertising nice Illy signs don’t offer a very good coffee. The old town of Hoi An and its surroundings

Here you will find most of the tourist bars and probably the best to cool down. Below is a short list of high quality venues, some are not advertised in the guides:

Cargo club

How can one mention cafes without mentioning Cargo Club which remains to this day one of the best bars in town despite a low standard of service. It has kept its reputation and the pastries are outstanding. On the other side, avoid the coffee.

Address: 107D Nguyen Thai Hoc


Mia Coffee

Located in the old French colonial quarter of Hoi An, It is relatively new but already has a good vibe and a nice terrace away from the heat of the city. I recommend to try the Kiwi Shake and the apple shake

Address: 20 Phan Boi Chau 

Before and Now

You will probably find what you were looking for in this bar. Perfect location, it has a good reputation in Hoi An. The cocktails are more expensive than the average in town but the ambiance is always good even when other places are empty, this place is always busy.

Address: 51 Le Loi Street

3 Dragons

Located on Phan Boi Chau street same street as Mia Coffee. This place diffuses many live sport events, it’s a great place to have a drink in Hoi An. Prices are a little higher than the average in Hoi An.

Address: 51 Phan Boi Chau

At the beach

You are spoiled with choice, there is always one that makes a difference.

Soul Kitchen

 Right on the beach front, who can deny such a pleasure? This venue operate by a Frenchman is always at its best. To have a drink at the beach, there is no better place. Sat on sofas right on the beach, what else could one ask…


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