An organic village

Tra Que ( Tcha wai in English ) is a charming little village located in Cam Ha near Hoi An, on Hai Ba Trung street towards An Bang beach just after the first bridge. The village is separated into two sections and is made up of organic vegetable gardens.

Approximately 150 owners and 400 farmers live here and cultivate around 20 types of vegetables and herbs such as mint leaves, lettuce, basil, coriander and broccoli. Laid on more than 40 hectares of land, the farmers do not use any pesticides nor OGM’s but only natural fertilizers and in particular some sort of alga which is located in the lagoon of Tra Que, collected by the farmers themselves by boat in the morning. 8 tons of vegetables are sold every year from Tra Que village, mostly to restaurants in Hoi An.

3 new restaurants opened in the middle of the village of which there are Baby mustard (left side arriving from Hoi An) and Tra Que Waterwheel (Right side arriving from Hoi An)

After agriculture, tourism is the second source of revenue for the inhabitants. All the bicycle tours eventually cycle through the village, a great opportunity to try their cultivate techniques and to find out the difficulty in farming the traditional way.

A unique place to visit in Vietnam

What makes the reputation of Tra Que and its charme, is that we can observe the traditional farming techniques, an era without pesticides, without automatic watering and without tractors. A peaceful place.

The village wakes up early, 5 am, there won’t be anyone around from 12 to early afternoon, its nap time. If the temperatures are too high, you will not see anyone. Chose the time wisely if you wish to see the residents of Tra Que.

Tip: If what the first bridge of Hai Ba Trung street, you turn left and drive 2km, you will find a magnificent pagoda where you will be able to meet the Buddhists living inside. The doors of the pagoda are exceptional and inside, several white marble buddhas are just beautiful.


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